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Licensed and trained mold remediation specialists in Detroit and surrounding areas.

Mold Removal Detroit

Welcome to Mold Removal Detroit! We are here to help you and benefit you! So tell me. Do you have a mold problem? Do you not know what to do? Have you tried getting rid of it, but it comes back? Are you unsure if you have mold, but think you do?

Well we are here to eliminate your worries and concerns! We are certified professionals and can get rid of your problem no problem and right away! We have testing that we can do to see what kind of mold is existing and how it needs to be dealt with.

We have awesome mold removal teams that can get rid of it in a reasonable amount of time and have it be 100% effective. We also provide a remediation on helping keeping the mold removed, and no worries, it is super simple on keeping it out of your home and life forever!

Just a few services we provide are mold removal, mold inspection, mold testing, mold remediation, mold specialist, along with so much more!

About Mold Removal Detroit

We find it important to follow our step by step process thoroughly and correctly. We know that every step has an important part that it plays and that no corners should ever be missed. Playing every part will assure 100% guartunee of our customers not having the mold come back.

We always double check all of our work to make sure we got the job done and to know our customers are getting their money’s worth. Mold is nothing to play with. It is something that we take seriously and encourage our customers to take it seriously as well.

We do all we can to make sure our team stays happy and upbeat. This way we all stay positive and in a good mood. The happy we are means the better work we will do for our clients that we receive. If we are negative and don’t give a good vibe off our clients will be able to tell.

It won’t help their situation at all. Part of our job is to relieve all the stress off of their shoulders and if they don’t find comfort in us then they won’t feel reassured by our workers being there to get the job done.

Our service is kept up to the highest of high expectations. That also goes for our equipment and the products we use to solve our mold problem. Some mold removal companies in Detroit MI don’t bother and or think of using the mold clean up Detroit system.

I’ll tell you why it is so important. You need to clean up the mold before removing it, because if you don’t then it isn’t completely isolated which then can’t guarantee you the 100% mold removal.

Why Choose Mold Removal Detroit

Our customers love how efficient our team is. They want our work constantly because we make it worth their time and their money. If it isn’t going to be done right then it shouldn’t be done at all.

The customers have left many reviews of them being grateful for our service and how proactive we are. They know it takes extra time to double check work, but know that we take the time to do it anyway to make sure the job was done every step of the way.

Just a few reason why our company is so popular are:

  • Free estimates
  • All of our employees are certified
  • Our company is insured through everything and anything you can think of for the convenience for our clients
  • We are affordable
  • We get to you as fast as we can and you don’t normally have to wait more than 2 hours, but on a very long busy day just till the next morning
  • We make sure our communication skills are kept as the number one step so then our customers feel like they can tell us what is going on
  • Doing everything we can to take all the overwhelmed feelings and stress off of our customers shoulders
  • We can help repair water damage parts and dry them up
  • If the mold problem is minor enough and safe enough for our clients to take care of on their own we will tell them to give them the opportunity to do it themselves to save them money

Our company has been around our community for decades. We have been helping our neighbors and friends for so long and they know that they can count on us to do the job right. We aren’t rookies. We are trained professionals that know how to handle this business.

You can call us any day and at any time for a free estimate and to learn more information. We can set up a scheduled appointment for you for whenever is most convenient for you.

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What to Expect from Mold Removal Detroit?

We keep our standards high. If there is a straggler we let it go. We don’t like anything weighing our company down and making it to where we can’t stay in the best focus for people. We don’t want them to have a sour taste in their mouth about us.

All of our products and equipment are kept new and fresh and just what the doctor ordered. Even though we are an older company we still keep up with the times and keep with the new and improved. We want our customers to know they are getting the best service possible from our team.

A big reason our customers like to choose us is because of our mold remediation Detroit system. We give them the nice tips and tricks they need to know on keeping the mold away to keep it 100% perfect at all times

The process of contacting us and receiving our help is very straightforward and simple. You give us a call about your problem and who answers your call will write notes down about what you have said and will set up your appointment with you.

They can also give you, your free estimate if you would like and any other information you would like to ask about. Once one of the members of our team arrives they will check out your location dn problem you are concerned about.

They will ask if you would like them to do any further inspecting around your house or business of any more mold. Then they will do the testing to see how much mold there is and what the correct steps would be next to deal with it.

They then would clean up the mold and begin the mold removal process. They will do everything with much grace and caution. The mold removal process can take anywhere from one to five days. It all depends on the case of your mold.

After the mold is removed the Mold Remediation Detroit MI process begins. This is very simple and this is where our customers' important part to play is. You will need to learn how to do the Mold Remediation Detroit MI process to keep the mold from returning.

They will show you what you need to do and we promise it is super easy! It is just a way to keep the area ventilated and aired out. Also if possible to bring some light in there too.

Services Mold Removal Detroit Provides

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Removing the mold is the most important step obviously, but it needs to be done properly and thoroughly.

If it’s slacked on at all then you will not get the 100% effective results that we promise.

So that is why we take our time to get it done. It takes 1-5 days to remove the mold depending on the extent of the molds extremity. .

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Mold Testing Detroit MI

Doing this process is what will help determine how much mold there is and how much is needing to be dealt with all together.

This is where they take a sample of the area and test it to see what kind of mold exists right there. The testing helps answer the question a lot quicker of what needs to be done with the mold.

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Mold Remediation Detroit MI

The remediation process is so important and is key to our customers to follow and listen to. If it doesn’t get done the mold will eventually grow back.

The remediation process is the little tips we will show you on keeping the mold away.

But don’t worry, it is super simple. It is not a hard task to make happen and won’t take hardly any time out of your day.

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Mold Inspection Detroit MI

Mold Inspection Detroit MI

For our mold inspection this is where they search the area from top to bottom to find what mold may be around that they and you need to be aware of.

They are certified professionals that know all signs of mold. Whether it’s the look, the smell or really anything.

About Detroit

Detroit is the largest city in the midwestern state of Michigan. Detroit is known for the center of the U.S. automobile industry, and the Big Three auto manufacturers. Its nickname is Motor City.

The sales tax rate is 6.0% and the income tax rate is 6.8%. The population is 672,662. The cities surrounding Detroit are:

  • Windsor, MI
  • Dearborn, MI
  • Highland Park, MI
  • Hamtramck, MI
  • Grosse Pointe Park, MI
  • Melvindale, MI
  • Ecorse, MI
  • River Rouge, MI
  • All surrounding areas...


"I had a mold problem that just kept coming back. I used clorox wipes weekly with this mold problem I had, so I decided to call the Mold Removal Detroit company! They came within just a couple hours. They informed me about how the mold feeds off of the clorox wipes and if I was to use wipes use the Lysol.

They were so informative and friendly! They worked fast and got my mold gone within the day! I am so happy to be mold free!"

- Lily P.

"I had water damage happen which caused mold in my ceiling. They had to replace that part of my ceiling cause it was so damaged. It took them about a week to repair, but it was totally worth it. They did such a great job, and it looks like it was never even a thing! "

- Harmony G.

"I called the Detroit Mold Removal company because I just had some questions about a minor mold problem. They were so awesome at talking to me about their company and the benefits they provided. They helped me figure out how to get rid of my minor mold problem that has been gone for a couple months now and they didn’t even have to come in.

It is so nice to have everything back in order as it should be and to have a company help me out on what to do for a small mold problem I could handle myself without having to pay a thing!"

- Harry L.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does mold inspection cost?

It really varies from the surface area you are covering. Give us a call and we can get you set up with a quote.

How long does it take to get rid of mold?

It can take anywhere from 1-5 days.

How much does an estimate cost?

Nothing! We give free estimates always!

Is removing mold dangerous?

Minimal exposure to black mold during the removal process is a concern. Is can lead to health issues for you and your family. This is why it is very important to remove dangerous molds like black mold.

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We are able to help our customers so much and get their homes and businesses back in order! They love and appreciate the service that we provide for them and how our employees do such a good job.

Please give Mold Removal Detroit a call today and we will get that free estimate going for you and schedule you an appointment and answer any further questions you may have! You can count on us!

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